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Meet Manon Desbiens,
Two of her sisters and her brother had Huntington's disease

My family and I were in the dark and not functioning well at all until the Huntington Society  came to the rescue.

- Manon Desbiens

Manon Desbiens does not suffer from Huntingdon’s disease. But her mother, two of Manon’s sisters and her brother all died of the disease before age 60. “The statistics apply to us. Each child born of a parent with the disease has a 50% chance of inheriting the defective gene. My mother passed on the disease to three of her six children. Barely a month has passed since my brother died,” she says, the pain still in her voice.

For a long time, Manon’s family had no idea that half of its members were afflicted with this neurodegenerative genetic disorder that affects muscle coordination and causes cognitive decline. Then one day, the Huntington Society came into their lives. “I can’t even begin to tell you how helpful those meetings were; learning about the research, gaining insight and receiving encouragement. Until then, we thought we were the only ones in this situation,” says Manon.

HealthPartners and the Huntington Society have played an active role in the lives of the Desbiens family. “My sisters and brother went to summer camp every year. For them, it was a very liberating experience. They always came back happy and fulfilled. And for us, the caregivers, these organizations offered us respite trips so we could have a chance to recharge our batteries and take a break from all the responsibilities that weighed on us, continues Manon.

Unfortunately, a cure is still a long way off. Research is vital and offers the only hope that the next generation will fare better than its predecessors.

Your donations help. Thank you for your generosity. My name is Manon Desbiens and I am living proof that donating to HealthPartners works.

The Huntington Society of Canada seeks to find a meaningful treatment for people with Huntington disease through research, service and education. Huntington is an inherited and fatal brain disorder causing symptoms ranging from uncontrollable movements to mental deterioration. It affects the life of one in every 7000 Canadians.

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