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Meet Subodh Mathur,
He Lives With Kidney Disease

“One day I was on top of the restaurant world. But my world turned upside down when my kidneys stopped working. Not only do I receive regular dialysis treatments while waiting for a transplant, but I had to sell my restaurants and change the way I lived — if I wanted to continue living.”
– Subodh Mathur

A successful businessman in Ottawa, Subodh Mathur owned and operated a number of very successful Indian restaurants. While rewarding, this kind of business can take its toll. For Subodh, long hours, eating rich foods, smoking and a diabetic condition were a recipe for trouble.

On a day that he wasn’t feeling particularly well, he went to the emergency room of a local hospital. There, he was told he not only had dangerously high blood pressure but also that his kidneys had stopped working. “I was put on dialysis treatment immediately — and on a transplant wait list.”

His health obviously coming first, Subodh made the difficult decision to sell every one of his beloved restaurants. “It was the only choice for me,” he says.

Subodh settled into what he calls “a new normal.” With the support of the Kidney Foundation of Canada — one of 16 national health charities working under the HealthPartners umbrella to transform the health of Canadians —he completely changed his eating and lifestyle habits. This was a difficult thing to do for someone who had enjoyed rich food and the fast pace that is part-and-parcel of owning a string of high-quality restaurants. “I became depressed, but once I adjusted to this ‘new normal’ and was able to receive my dialysis treatments at home, things improved for me.” And when he regained his physical strength, he returned to his beloved kitchen, to cook and experiment.

“My life had meaning again.”

These days, Subodh teaches others about the risk factors for kidney disease and promotes organ donation, as he waits for his own gift of life. His message is clear: ask your doctor to screen you regularly for kidney disease, especially if you are high risk. As Subodh knows from personal experience, the right interventions in the early stages could have prevented or even delayed his kidney challenges.

“I am here today, thanks to the resources and support that the Kidney Foundation provides to people with kidney disease,” he says. “I am living proof that donating to HealthPartners works.”

The Kidney Foundation of Canada is dedicated to kidney health and improved lives for all people affected by kidney disease. The Kidney Foundation reduces the burden of kidney disease by funding and stimulating innovative research, by providing education and support, and by promoting kidney health, organ donation and access to quality healthcare.

HealthPartners proudly supports The Kidney Foundation of Canada.

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