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Meet Shelley & Valerie,
who live with a bleeding disorder

“Our PEI chapter of the Canadian Hemophilia Society is an amazing financial support, as well as HealthPartners and the people who donate through the charitable giving [campaigns]…We receive lots of education and awareness, and the care and support was just unending and it continues to this day.” 

When Valerie was six months old, Valerie cut her hand on a glass and it wouldn’t stop bleeding. Mother’s intuition told Shelley there was a problem because she has the same bleeding disorder. As a mom of a child with a disorder, Shelley felt it was her duty to advocate on Valerie’s behalf.

Shelley’s mission is to ensure Valerie has access to the medication she needs so her daughter will have a better quality of life than she did. Shelley was not diagnosed until she was nineteen years old.

When Shelley was young she had to travel to Montreal for medical services, now for Valerie things are much improved, her hematologist is located in Saint John, New Brunswick. Valerie goes to regular visits and gets great care right here at home.

Shelley credits the Prince Edward Island chapter of the Canadian Hemophilia Society as an amazing financial and education resource and stresses the importance of supporting health charities through organizations such as HealthPartners. This support helps friends and neighbours right here at home.

Shelley and Valerie have great medical, professional and supportive contacts through the Society and its donations to these health charities that make that happens.

Despite the challenges, Shelley and Valerie are tackling life head on and are thankful for the support – resources made available through the local chapter of the Canadian Hemophilia Society, one of 16 national health charities working with HealthPartners to transform the lives of Canadians. “We are living proof that donating to HealthPartners works.”

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The Canadian Hemophilia Society (CHS) exists to improve the quality of life for all persons with inherited bleeding disorders. The CHS is dedicated to raise public awareness about the prevalence of bleeding disorders, provide information and support, ensure that proper diagnosis and treatment are available, fund research to improve the quality of life for patients and eventually to find a cure.

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